I teach how to beautify

There's a word in the English language - “beautification”, meaning to “beautify”, to bring beauty. Decorating and improving spaces, objects, and people. It is used when people try to describe the process of creating, bringing beauty to the world. This is not just embellishment, it is not just improvement, it is a kind of creative process when something is made not only better or more functional, but more beautiful. It was ugly, unpleasant to look at, but now it’s magical and you can’t look away.
Masha does exactly that - she brings beauty and harmony to the surrounding world. It doesn’t matter what she does - healing children, teaching elderly people to paint, arranging art classes, painting, writing books, giving lectures, designing interiors or organizing courses- her ultimate goal is always the same - Beauty.
She often says it with a sigh and a smile, like casting a spell: "Beauty!" She punctuates every completed work with this word, marking its completion. When she can’t say it, it means she has to add a little more magic, until there's enough beauty to satisfy herself.
She evaluates everything with this word - her own creations and the creations of others, countries, citiesand spaces, and relationships too, even the most personal ones.
Masha has plenty of beauty in her life - she has wrapped herself in beauty, like in a cocoon. We can touch this beautiful cocoon and feel it, for example, while looking at her paintings, and with a sigh and a smile say: "Beauty!"
                                                                                                      Written by Natalia Bashkirova