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The versatility of what Masha does as an artist, a doctor, and a journalist is based on her impeccable knowledge of the language of color. A harmonious combination of colors is nothing more than the appropriate mix of light waves (a physical quantity that can actually be measured), and Masha makes of it, both as a doctor and as an artist. Her paintings and high-quality posters are already being used as color therapy tools in many hospitals in Russia.

You can learn more about the use of paintings and color in the treatment of patients by attending a master class presented by Masha Guseva at an annual international congress or conference such as (“Neurorehabilitation”, “Wayne Readings”, and “Manage Pain”, among others, or by enrolling in her course in the Department of Art Therapy at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine.



Masha Guseva (Dr. Maria Evgenyevna Guseva), Moscow
Professor, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, N.I. Pirogova Russian National Research Medical University.
Head of the Department of Art Therapy, Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine, Moscow
Masha has been studying color neurophysiology and the healing effects of color on the human psyche for more than 20 years.
Featured in 60 scientific and popular publications Member of the American Association of Art Therapists Color Expert of the “Brain Ecology” Interdisciplinary Association
Member of the International Art Fund (in the category of Painting)
Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (in the category of Painting)
Holds the Russian patent for color therapy methodology.
Reports on the results of her research have been sent to numerous international conferences on neurology, neurorehabilitation, and interdisciplinary medicine. The technique has been introduced in outpatient and clinical centers in Moscow and other parts of Russia.

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