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May, 2020

Color laboratory of Masha Guseva - work in clinics and outside

March, 2020


October 25, 2019
About the Made in America Art Project

October 15, 2019
at 18:00 in the
American Center in Moscow at the U.S. Embassy Moscow
will take place lecture on color therapy

T: +7 495-728-5243 | Office:

21 Novinskiy Blvd.,

Moscow, Russia 123242

The exhibition runs from 10/2/19 to 10/22/19


The “MADE IN AMERICA” project was created over several years of living and traveling on the East Coast. The paintings: "Sunset in Washington, DC” and other sunsets are impressions of the play of the sun in the windows and in the sky with reflection on water. Separate series are of cities in America (Broadway evening rain, for example) and red barns. The landscapes with fields and flowers are in the states of Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. "Pink Field" took second place in the painting contest at the Women's Club in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

The flawless use of color language is the base for the universality of Masha’s artworks. The harmony in color combination is nothing else but lengths of waves (physical measure that could be recorded) and Masha uses it simultaneously as a neurologist and as a painter. It allows her to create compositions with a unique influence on the viewer, it simultaneously brings aesthetical pleasure from highly professional paintings and healing power of color therapy.

10 апреля 2019 года

Городская научно-практическая конференция

"Возможности цветотерапии в реабиитации взрослых и детей"


22 ноября 2018 года

Мастер класс "Возможности цветотерапии в реабилитации у детей и взрослых"

(ГТРК "Казанская Ривьера", Зал "Лазурный берег"


March, 2020

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